Oswestry Rural Parish Council aims to:

  • Deliver local services cost effectively and efficiently through best value.
  • Ensure that community development is driven by the local community and that it represents their needs and ambitions.
  • Represent the views of the local community by working with them to improve the local environment and preserve its heritage.

The council’s objectives are:

  • Work closely with the local community by listening to their views, needs and aspirations and assist to bring these into fruition.
  • Demonstrate openness, transparency and accountability in all Parish Council activities.
  • Support the local economy.
  • Work with partners and stakeholders to improve and enhance the local environment.
  • Support the work of voluntary groups and organisations.
  • Represent the views of local residents in response to local planning applications.
  • Promote ethical and fair practices to promote harmony and social inclusion.
  • Support efforts to sustain the social, environmental and economical capital within the parish.
  • Ensure that Councillors and staff are sufficiently trained to deliver public services to the people served by the Parish Council.

Parish Council Business Plan 2018 – 2022

A Business Plan for 2018 – 2022 was adopted in April 2018 which includes the principles of the council’s aims and objectives.  The Business Plan is monitored through an Annual Action Plan and is therefore a ‘live’ document as it is updated on a regular basis.  This enables the council to track and monitor progress against its objectives and timescales.  As the Action Plan is published on the council’s website members of the community are encouraged to assist with monitoring its progress and its further development.

Here is our Business Plan 2018 – 2022

Action Plan 2018-2019

Here is our Action Plan as at January 2019