A Parish Council represents and serves the whole community.  Most communities are made up of many smaller communities, often with different interests, a Council’s duty is to serve them all.  A Council balances the needs of different elements of the community to get the best results.

Each Parish Council is made up of individual Councillors who contribute to the work of the whole Council  by:

  • suggesting ideas
  • engaging in constructive debate
  • responding to the needs and views of the community
  • representing their constituents
  • behaving in an ethical way and being open about interests
  • commenting on proposals to ensure the best outcome
  • voting – to enable the Council to make decisions

All Councillors agree to abide by the Council’s Code of Conduct

Councillors must complete and keep up dated a Register of Interests and declare any interests in matters brought before the Council prior to debate.  Parish Councillors’ Registers of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests can be found through this link.

The Parish Council has adopted a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest Dispensation Procedure

DPI Dispensation Procedure

Councillors also have to keep a register of any gifts or hospitality accepted.

Hospitality & Gifts Policy

Register of Hospitality & Gifts

Your current Councillors are:

Please note that should you email Councillors, due to personal commitments, it may take up to 5 days to respond.

Maesbury with Aston Ward

Councillor Martin Jones

White House Cottage, Osbaston, Knockin, SY10 8HT 

Tel: 07989 036708

Email: mjones@oswestryrural-pc.gov.uk

Councillor Tony Milner

Park Mill, Maesbury Marsh, SY10 8JD. 

Tel: 01691 610742 

Email:  amilner@oswestryrural-pc.gov.uk

Councillor Peter Richardson

Statefield, Back Lane, Maesbury, SY10 8AX. 

Tel: 01691 679932 

Email:  prichardson@oswestryrural-pc.gov.uk

Morda with Sweeney Ward

Councillor Janet Barlow

Bryn-y-Mapsis, Nant Lane, Morda, SY10 9AL. 

Tel: 01691 658134 

Email:  jbarlow@oswestryrural-pc.gov.uk

Councillor Les Maguire

        4 Maserfield, Oswestry, SY11 1RZ.

        Tel: 07595 589429 

        Email: lmaguire@oswestryrural-pc.gov.uk

Councillor Phil May

Herons Wood, Nantmawr, SY10 9HH. 

Tel: 01691 829064 

Email: pmay@oswestryrural-pc.gov.uk

Councillor Paul Milner

56 School Lane, Trefonen, SY10 9DY. 

Tel: 01691 657863. 

Email: pmilner@oswestryrural-pc.gov.uk

Councillor Robert Milton

Penylan View, Coed y Go, SY10 9AE. 

Tel: 01691 676110. 

Email: rmilton@oswestryrural-pc.gov.uk

Rhydycroesau with Llanforda Ward

Councillor Peter Davies

Summerhill, Racecourse Road, Oswestry, SY10 7PN. 

Tel: 01691 652853 

Email: pdavies@oswestryrural-pc.gov.uk

Councillor Shirley Jones

Lower Forest, Racecourse, Oswestry, SY10 7PR. 

Tel: 01691 652836 

Email:  sjones@oswestryrural-pc.gov.uk

Sychtyn Ward

Councillor Elliot Roberts Jones

Lima, Coed-y-Go, Oswestry SY10 9AD. 

Tel: 01691 652843 

Email:  erobertsjones@oswestryrural-pc.gov.uk

Trefonen with Treflach Ward

Councillor Pam Broomby

Dolwen, Pit Lane, Treflach, SY10 9HB. 

Tel: 01691 653479  

Email: pbroomby@oswestryrural-pc.gov.uk

Councillor John Davies

The Old Post Office, Trefonen, SY10 9DQ. 

Tel: 01691 657977 

Email: jdavies@oswestryrural-pc.gov.uk

Councillor Bob Kimber

Fallow Fields, Rectory Close, Trefonen, SY10 9FF.

Tel: 01691 679646 

Email: bkimber@oswestryrural-pc.gov.uk

Councillor Claire Mahoney

Gwernhafod, Gwern Y Brenin, Oswestry, SY10 8AS

Tel: 07545 3765231

Email: cmahoney@oswestryrural-pc.gov.uk


Every Parish Council has a Clerk, referred to in law as the Proper Officer.  Over the years the roles and responsibilities of Parish Councils have changed, so has the role and responsibilities of the Clerk.

The Clerk’s overall responsibility is to carry out the policy decisions of the Council.  The Clerk is akin to the chief executive of an organisation as they have overall responsibility for the administration and procedural aspects of the Council. The Clerk is responsible for ensuring that the business of the Council runs smoothly and efficiently and is conducted in accordance with the law.  In some councils the Clerk is also the Responsible Financial Officer responsible for ensuring the Council’s financial transactions are properly administered.  Indeed, the skills of a Clerk are wide and varied.

Oswestry Rural Parish Council’s Clerk is:

Sharon Clayton MPA, BA (Hons), Fellow SLCC

64 Cherrybrook Drive, Broseley, Shropshire TF12 5SH

01952 884372

Please note that the Clerk works part-time and there may be a delay in responnding to any enquiries.