The Parish Council represents and serves the whole community of Oswestry Rural including smaller communities with varying interests.

Oswestry Rural Parish Council consists of 15  Councillors who are volunteers who contribute to the work of the Council  by:

  • suggesting ideas
  • engaging in constructive debate
  • responding to the needs and views of the community
  • representing their constituents
  • behaving in an ethical way and being open about interests
  • commenting on proposals to ensure the best outcome
  • voting – to enable the Council to make decisions

All Councillors agree to abide by the Council’s Code of Conduct

Councillors must complete and keep an up to date Register of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests and declare any undisclosed interests prior to participating in discussions at Council meetings.

The Parish Council has adopted a DPI Dispensation Procedure May 2020

Councillors also keep a register of any gifts or hospitality received in accordance with the Council’s Hospitality & Gifts Policy and Register of Hospitality & Gifts

Your Parish Councillors are:

Maesbury with Aston Ward

Councillor Martin Jones (Vice-Chairman)

Tel: 07989 036708


Councillor Peter Richardson

Tel: 01691 679932 



Morda with Sweeney Ward

Councillor Martin Bennett


Councillor Les Maguire

Tel: 07595 589429


Councillor Robert Milton

Tel: 01691 676110


Councillor Steve Watts

Tel: 07787 354416



Rhydycroesau with Llanforda Ward

Councillor Peter Davies

Tel: 01691 652853 



Sychtyn Ward

Councillor Roger Jones

Tel: 07738 584392


Trefonen with Treflach Ward

Councillor John Davies

Tel: 07980 680845


Councillor Bob Kimber

Tel: 01691 679646 


Councillor Paul Milner (Chairman)

Tel: 07581 223599


Councillor Chris Woods


All Parish Councils have a Clerk, referred to in law as the Proper Officer.  The role and responsibilities of Parish Councils vary in accordance with the population they serve and the services they are responsible for.  Therefore the role and responsibilities of the Clerk will vary from council to council.

As the chief executive officer, the Clerk’s overall responsibility is to carry out the policy decisions of the Council.  The Clerk has overall responsibility for the administration of the Council and is responsible for ensuring that its business is carried out efficiently and in accordance with the law.  In some councils, the Clerk is also the Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) responsible for ensuring the Council’s financial transactions are properly administered.

Oswestry Rural Parish Council’s Clerk and RFO is:

Sharon Clayton MPA, BA (Hons), FSLCC

64 Cherrybrook Drive, Broseley, Shropshire TF12 5SH

01952 884372

Contact the Clerk

Please note that the Clerk works part-time and there may be a delay in responding to any enquiries.